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Stuck in 1.1?  Stuck in 1.0?  Stuck wishing you could play Battlefront2, but you lost your play disk?  Here is my solution.  I was, if not the first, one of the first in SMD to discover the no-cd crack for Battlefront2.  Over the years, I was able to collect the necessary files to play the game with or without a disk in both versions 1.0 and 1.1.  Essentially, I can manually switch versions, and I have the option to play w/ out a disk as well.  First, you will need to download this:

no disk.zip

To Download this, right click the link above, and click "copy link location," then open up a new tab, and paste the link you just copied.  Ir should work.

Once it is done, use winzip or the un-zipper built into windows xp.  Un-zip the contents to your desktop.  The folder will be called "no disk" and inside of it, "1.0" and "1.1"  And inside of those there will be folders "Disk" and "No Disk"  Inside of those will be a file called "battlefrontII.exe"  And because the .exe files all have the same name, they must be kept inside separate folders.

Now that this is done, navigate to the following location on your Hard Drive.  (note that this is the default install location.  If you installed the game somewhere else, then you are a dumb-ass)

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData

Inside of your "GameData" folder there is also a file called "battlefrontII.exe"  All you have to do, is copy one of my files from your "no disk" folder you downloaded earlier, and paste it into your "GameData" folder.  Or, you could open up two windows, and drag and drop your file.  It WILL ask you if you would like to replace this file.  Click on yes.

Now, to launch the game, simply double click the "battlefrontII.exe" in your "GameData" folder to launch the game.

In conclusion, by replacing the "battlefrontII.exe" file in your "GameData" folder with one of the "battlefrontII.exe" from your "no disk" folder you just downloaded from me, you can easily switch versions, as well as play with no disk.

HINT:  You DO NOT have to upgrade to 1.1 to play 1.1.  All you need is one of the 1.1 "battlefrontII.exe" files.  I play 1.1, and I never had to install the 1.1 patch or mess around with a version switcher.

HINT:  You can make a shortcut of the file:

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\battlefrontII.exe

and place the shortcut in your desktop to launch the game much faster without having to manually navigate to it each time you want to play.

HINT: If you find yourself stuck on only being able to play on German Servers:

In the main menu, click options, click online, and under the "search all regions" options, click the bubble that says "yes".  Now you can play on the US servers again!

So, there you have it.  If you cant figure it out, you might as well leave SMD because we don't want the mental ppl in our clan.  This guide has been brought to you by: -Dead-DarthMaul

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