DarthMaul Zone

DarthMaul History

DarthMaul got his game for the computer December 2005.  He spent almost a year playing single player as a noob, as most players start out.  After a while, he decided to try multiplayer under the name "DarthMaul" as a noob who stayed out of the wall.  After getting the nack of online play, Flumpa saw what exelent skill he had, and recruited him into (smd) Darthmaul, who played as a clan member for a few short months.  This was followed by a 7 month disaperance, where he suddenly became addicted to the ps2.  Now he is back and the smd clan leader, SHOOT himself saw     (smd) DarthMaul's skills, and happily acepted him  into the ranks of the -Dead-.  Now -Dead-DarthMaul is as powerfull as ever, with his favorite style of kamakazziii mine ownage, and enjoys slipp'n through a wall or two with his smd homies.



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